School Certificates Reward Excellence

Students, as young as kindergarteners, love to be acknowledged for their talents and skills. A little bit of motivation, by way of an award/certificate, can go a long way in boosting their confidence. School certificates are a wonderful way of rewarding children for their academic and extra-curricular achievements. Browse our site to see a variety of diplomas and awards for different occasions. You can find certificates for Student of the Week, Fine Arts, Musical Arts, Attendance, Honor Roll, Leadership, Scholarship, Excellence and many more! These and other school program covers come in bright colors, printed on high quality paper.

Celebrate Your Success with Graduation Program Covers

A graduation ceremony is more than just an event. It is a milestone in the life of the student, honoring his/her accomplishments. It is also a beacon of hope for the future and is like a stepping-stone to newer and broader horizons. Rejoice in your success in the present and hope for the best in the future with graduation program covers from Choose from our wide variet of bulletins, with congratulatory as well as motivational texts on the front. You can personalize them inside with your specific details. We have a cover for every class starting from kindergarten! Remember to check out our colorful school certificates and diplomas.

Variety of School Program Covers

Spice up your events for the school year with our colorful and pictorial covers. Hermitage Art concentrates on producing quality school materials including school program covers in full color and with bright illustrations. Whether you want to celebrate a seasonal program or you want to gear up for a music show, we have the right bulletin for you. Find special bulletins for your sports and awards ceremonies as well as graduation program covers of different types. Find special occasion bulletins as well as those honoring African Americans, and the spirit of patriotism. Not only do we carry school and wedding program covers, we also carry church bulletins and much more.
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