No. 3356

No. 3356

INFO: First Holy Communion - The most sacred body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
Size: Available in 2 x 6’ or 3 x 5’

When you decorate your worship space with these banners, you will be reminding audiences of how sacred their first holy communion is. "First Holy Communion" is printed on them, followed by the words, "The most sacred body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ." The banners are purple with a stained-glass-looking image in the middle featuring a chalice surrounded by wheat and grape vines. Above the cup is a red circle with the letters, "IHS" on it. The stand is sold separately, but purchasers can choose between vinyl or fabric material and a variety of sizes.

2 x 6’ Fabric – $134.99 $99.99
2 x 6’ Vinyl – $139.99 $104.99

3 x 5’ Fabric – $159.99 $119.99
3 x 5’ Vinyl – $174.99 $129.99



No. 3356 is available for purchase in increments of 1

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From: $99.99